Beauty of Joseon - Revive Eye Serum
Beauty of Joseon - Revive Eye Serum
Beauty of Joseon - Revive Eye Serum

Beauty of Joseon - Revive Eye Serum

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What exactly is it?
When we lack the protein that provides elasticity to the skin's dermal layer, collagen and hyaluronic acid levels drop, resulting in wrinkles. By combining ginseng extract and retinal, we created an eye serum that helps to improve wrinkles on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

We knew from the start that we wanted ginseng as the base ingredient for the eye serum because numerous studies have shown that ginseng is effective in improving wrinkles due to its high saponin content. Ginseng is a well-known herbal ingredient with high potency.

Without a doubt, the most important ingredient we wanted to combine with ginseng was vitamin A.
Retinol and retinal are the two types of vitamin A used as cosmetic ingredients.

After smoothing out the skin’s texture with toner, pump the serum 1-2 times and apply it around the eyes or the entire face.

Key ingredients Ginseng root extract 10% In Donguibogam, a Korean herbal medicine book, ginseng was used as an important oriental medicine and recorded as 'Shincho', meaning herb from the gods. Hwang Jini, known as the most beautiful woman in the Joseon Dynasty, used a ginseng decoction as a bath water. The rich saponin contained in ginseng helps to quickly supply moisture to the skin and maintain it deep inside the skin for a long time to help create healthy skin. Retinal Liposome 2% Retinal is a vitamin A derivative and has long been used throughout the history of skin care to improve wrinkles. When vitamin A is consumed through food, it undergoes metabolic processes that transform it in the order of retinol -> retinal -> retinoic acid. Retinal, which is converted directly to retinoic acid, works faster and more effectively on the skin than retinol, which must go through the process of becoming retinal. We used a 'retinal liposome' that was stabilized by breaking the retinal into smaller elements and enclosing it in liposomes and then adding ingredients such as natural lipids and oils. In addition, we blend ingredients such as glycerin, niacinamide, and cholesterol together to create a more effective product.

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Customer Reviews

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Salma Sameh

Love it


I heard so many reviews about and I really wanted to try it , so far so so good

Esraa Refaee

Very respectful, Fast delivery, authentic product as described.

Hanan Matar

It really helps with fine lines also I use it all over my face specially on delicate or dry skin

Menna Emam

Perfect eye serum with retinal for beginners

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